SPUR: is a family of organisations all working towards a world that is fair, sustainable and well - yet each in its own special way.


SPUR:PROJECTS is the multi-award-winning charitable arm where our staff design their own passion projects to change the world.

Our work has primarily focused on men's mental health, but as the SPUR: family grows, so does our capacity to create impact in other areas.



SPUR:LABS designs impact-centric strategies for organisations, business and NGOs to solve the world's most complex social challenges.

We work across education, health, sustainability, environment, equality and access, and we've helped some of the world's most influential NGOs, business and governments create and measure deep social impact.



SPUR:AGENCY designs and delivers world-class campaigns for organisations who want to create effective behavioural change and deep social impact.

It grows out of our years of award winning work through SPUR:PROJECTS and SPUR:LABS which has reached over 40 million people worldwide.

Launching Soon


SPUR:VAULT holds all of our amazing intellectual property, knowledge, and secret chilli recipes in one place.

Like most vaults, it doesn't do much... It mainly just sits there. But damn, does it do it well!


SPUR: is built from the ground up to be profit-for-purpose. This means at least 5% of all revenue from each of our commercial arms goes straight to SPUR:PROJECTS to help resource our own social impact projects.

So, not only will we help you change the world, but you're helping us change the world, too!


Passionate, driven and just a little bit cheeky, SPUR: is lead by the the following rapscallions.

William Stubbs

William Stubbs

Will is an experienced strategy and innovation consultant, with a passion for behavioural design and systems thinking based approaches to social change.

He has over a decade of experience in business, has consulted on large scale future visioning projects for government and corporate clients and mentored start-ups and young entrepreneurs including Australia’s first Indigenous business accelerator. William is also a WEF Global Shaper, a Davos 50 and UNLEASH Lab alumni.

An active social commentator, Will regularly speaks at conferences and on television and radio about social change and technology.

Lee Crockford

Lee Crockford

Lee is passionate about instigating social change through innovation, design and engagement.

With a background in consulting, project development and education, understanding how to change people's relationships with ideas and concepts is what gets him going.

He is also an experienced facilitator and speaker - presenting and mentoring in numerous countries on social change, mental health, entrepreneurship, education and the arts.